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About David

About David

David Hooker is respected throughout the world as a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, “let’s get to it” presenter.   His unique ability for simplifying challenging issues and delivering them in a fast paced, easy to understand and entertaining manner is what has kept him at the top of his profession for more than 4 decades in 37 countries.

Author, broadcaster and originator of “The New Gold Standard” (the definitive path to success in Sales and Marketing) David not only demands perfection but continuously expands the standard.

David established his personal gold standard in sales by walking the war torn streets of Ireland selling door to door – and as a “Brit” that was a tough call.  He learned the disciplines for success the hard way, took the knocks, fell into the gutter and climbed back to the top – it was by developing and applying his Gold Standard that the top became that much easier to reach and more importantly stay there.

We all face the same challenge –that of taking full advantage of the capacity to excel that we were born with that somehow gets lost as we enter the world of business.  

David has spent his life working with both young and old in 37 countries helping people find, redefine and develop the Gold Standard that came with them at birth.  And it is that experience and dedication that has lead to the development of the “New Gold Standard” which has been shared with tens of thousands of people in 33 countries.

“Give me the person that is lost and I will return one that has a new purpose” is the mantra that has kept David in demand around the world for more than 3 decades.